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A Warm Welcome

Hi All!

Thank you for showing your interesting in Live Lodo, the blog that will bring content you can learn and grow from. We are in the pursuit of happiness together and encourage each one of you to share your stories as that is one of the most powerful ways for others to learn. We pride ourselves in providing original content but also providing content we feel is meaningful and supports our philosophy of #LiveLodo.

There are many topics which we are currently working on that will be released soon - please be patient! There is a lot of work going on to bring short, concise messages to you that may or may not be popular. I want to remind you to keep that Open-mind and try to push yourself to places that feel uncomfortable while paying attention to the topics that you have a deep passion for.

We are very excited to hear and engage with you! If you ever have any questions or comments you can email us here or leaving a comment or two.

Live Lodo will become part of your everyday life and for that we are hopeful, together, we can have an impact on others. We encourage you to use social media to spread the word and let us know where we are spot on or missing the boat all together.



#Learn #Dreambig #Optimism #LiveLodo


Love Life, Be an Optimist, Dream, Take Ownership

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