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It Starts with the Letter "C" - A Key Ingredient to Big-Dreams

Do you recall how many times you have been told as you were growing up, "you can be whatever you want to be". Although this is true, there are some key ingredients in maximizing your outcomes in our view.

My guess is that the number of times you have heard this phrase is a number significantly greater than one. My daughter is due only 2 short months from now - I will tell her the exact same thing with one important difference. Life experience has taught me that a word starting with "C" is very important - enabling your loved one to see the opportunities and find their passions is our end-game in most cases. I know, most of your are probably annoyed as hell that you don't yet know what the key ingredient is.

In fact, I am positive many of you are probably thinking "Coffee"? At least, I know @wahidcontractor is.

Hopefully, we aren't allowing our kids to drink heir brains are forming but I don't think any of us can deny coffee is awesome and basically a job REQUIREMENT. If you drink one more cup of coffee you would quite possibly think of CURIOSITY.

"Curiosity" is the key used to unlock dreams. In other words, enabling our children to thoughtfully explore by accessing the vast information available to us today, will further enable our children to dream and ultimately innovate, making the world a better place. You see, innovation is simply not possible without the presence of curiosity, or said another way, people who have learned how to gain access to information and a desire to be curious have a significant advantage. There is absolutely not question about it.

The story gets complicated from here as our children will have endless access to data - this will certainly help support curiosity but has it's unintended consequences. The difficulty will be determining what is meaningful and what isn't and ensuring the factual data is consumed. This information will be flowing from parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents and (but not limited to), obviously, the Internet. It is our collective responsibility to support exploration and allow developing humans to form their own perspectives with tools like BitsBox.

Exploration leads to discovery which leads to innovation - in that order. One might explore and discover, ending up with a dream. However, further discovery is often required to truly innovate. A great example of self-discovery and curiosity at play can be found at one of the latest episodes of @sharktank with a company called "BitsBox" that teaches kids to write code - develop. You realize what this means right?

Be Curious, Dream-Big, #LiveLodo


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Love Life, Be an Optimist, Dream, Take Ownership

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