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"Why?": A Three Letter Question that Never Gets the Attention it Deserves

Before we get too philosophical or provide any unique perspective, it is important we lay a solid foundation for us to build on together. Perhaps, one of the most mis understood questions is only three letters and ends in the letter "Y". Ironic isn't it? The word is, "Why?".

The "Always Learn" spirit of Living Lodo is important in our everyday life in ways many of us never thought about. One profound learning in my own life was the unique power of the question "Why?". As you will learn, Simon Sinek eliquently communicates our traditional way of thinking about "what we do" and "how we do what we do". But the punchline is derived from "Why we do what we do".

Hopefully you find this as impactful to your life as I did mine. In my experience, having watched this Ted Talk numerous times, you may find it increasingly difficult to understand the motivations of those around you when you realize they are typically only talking about what they are doing and how they are doing it. Less frequently, is it understood why someone is doing what they are doing.

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