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Dreamers Don't Need a Plan

Throw out the 5-year Plan

We read stories of happy, successful people doing something that wasn't part of any plan on a regular basis - at least, I know I do. Personally, every amazing outcome in my life came about without any type of plan - from college, to meeting my wife, to working my tail off to land a near dream job, working with amazing people. Never would I have planned on working for a fortune 120 company - it's the way it worked out - #NoRegrets. It is important to work hard no matter what - washing dishes, working at a grocery store ringing up groceries or even picking up dog shit from your neighbors backyard.

My father always says "it's better to be lucky than good". This is a fitting quote for this topic. Now, this isn't to suggest you should sit on the couch, eating potato chips, inhaling THC, prying something is going to fall into your lap (get lucky). It just means, don't overthink life - fate has control as long as you do your part - work your ass off any chance you get and be genuine. Could you imagine being presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but turning it down because it's not part of your 5-year plan? We have all dreaded the unknown every now and again but for the most part the worries rarely materialize into anything. Society has us programmed to plan everything out well in advance with a message which suggests your changes of success are far greater in having that 'plan'. Let's be honest, it probably does work for some, helping life be a bit more predictable and less surprising overall, but that just isn't fun and discovery of your dreams becomes increasingly difficult.

We can choose to look at surprises as a negative outcome (which we have been conditioned to believe) or we can choose to see surprise and overall "randomness" as a tool to generate positive outcomes, ultimately. In the best case, you find an unplanned endeavor you wouldn't have otherwise found and it fits perfectly into your plan....well, because you don't have one - you're "rolling with the punches". My point is, a plan that you hold yourself to like glue, narrows your mind and limits the experiences you encounter, making it harder to realize your desired life outcomes.

Surprises often translate into a learning you wouldn't have had otherwise and may even expose an opportunity you didn't know existed. Often times, you are drawn closer to something you have always dreamed of. In fact, a plan limits how big you can dream - nothing in life in linear, nor are you.

If you do your part, the universe will do it's part. Live in the moment, maintain an open-mind, listen to learn and remain optimistic at all times. You will be surprised what you find and how big you can dream without the blinders on.



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