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Your New Life-style: Optimism

Our good friend Michael Jordan (MJ) isn't one of the most recognizable names in professional sports for nothing. Without getting into detail, MJ has one hell of a story - he never gave up and ALWAYS remained optimistic, indirectly instilling fear in his opponents. MJ always knew he was the best - as he puts it, there was nothing stepping in the way of him accomplishing his dreams - mainly through hard work and an exceptionally positive, determined, attitude.

Optimism. We hear the word all the time but what is it really? Well, let's first talk about what it is not. It is NOT negativity. It is NOT "I can't". Ultimately, Optimism is the thought that something will work out in a (pre-defined) favorable manner. The intent is positive with no presence of negativity. Countless studies have been conducted on this topic resulting in findings you might be surprised by.

Science tells us optimism and a positive outlook on life, in general, reduces health risks which includes lowered blood pressure. Conversely, choosing a path of pessimism, will result in less desirable health impacts such as heightened blood pressure and a higher chance of disease manifestation. Not only does optimism have positive physical impacts on your health, it has positive mental impacts, clearly demonstrated by Michael Jordan in his heyday. This is a great example of "mind over matter". MJ approached every challenge with confidence and more importantly optimism. The truth is, MJ won before he even started because his mind was in the 'right' place. When you get some free time, read this article - Optimism is the Key to Bouncing Back.

Sure, we are talking about one of the most famous athletes to ever live but the truth is, he is not much different than you and I (besides the fact he will have more money than we will ever likely see). We must never give up, be clear about what it is we value and remain optimistic at all times. Optimism is an emotion you have direct control over - it's even good for your health! Optimism itself is enough to push ourselves harder and overcome adversity each and every day - it is the energy within us.

Out with the old (pessimism), in with the new (optimism).



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