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The Cat Did It, So Can You!

Each day we wake up, do what we need to do, which should include brushing our teeth (and if your morning doesn't include this step, I strongly suggest you add it - the chicks dig it), making breakfast and doing whatever else it takes to get ready for that day. This sequence of events is part of a routine for most of us, is comfortable - it is what we know and know well. I will speak for myself and say, it is VERY EASY to be a home-body - someone who stay home as much as humanly possible because it is where we are most comfortable. Well, we must get comfortable with the uncomfortable because this is where we grow the most and become the person we have always wished to become.

Today, we are going to take a tip from a non-human mammal that has a lot of hair, long whiskers and long claws. If you are thinking "bear" - it is a great guess! But it would be wrong. Our friend, Mishi the Cat, will be the subject of our message today (isn't she the best). Mishi is a ferrel (yes, ferrel - the previous owners gave us the skinny) cat who hangs around our neighborhood looking for handouts and on the watch for her next meal....oh and slinking away as fast as she can at the sound of a pin-drop. After all, she lives a life of being fearful of what could happen next. Is there anyone in your life this reminds you of?

By now, you are probably reading this wondering where the hell I am going with this other than talking about a cat you don't know named Mishi so I will get to the point. Although we had been putting food out for the cat for a little less than a year, she wouldn't dream getting close to anyone - why would she? That is a dangerous endeavor for a "wild" cat. Against all odds, my animal-loving wife, was able to win Mishi's heart over over the course of more than 8 months, going against all instincts - she let my wife pet her (as long as there were no sudden movement or breaths of air). Over time, I too earned the cat's trust but it certainly took work. There was a time where Mishi would not let any petting occur if there were two people - smart cat, huh? Did she know if there were two people we could potentially capture her? I don't know but I thought that was remarkable. Needless to say, my wife and I can both pet Mishi at the same time (as of today, to be exact).

Perhaps, it makes sense for our expectations of one another to be a lot like the scenario here with Mishi. Be too open and you could get hurt, be too closed off and you could miss out on a great opportunity. Mishi was far from a friend of mine when we first met. I have learned that the heart grows fonder over time and acceptance is not something that happens overnight as illustrated by this scenario. I can easily call Mishi a friend and family member - all that transpired was time and a greater understanding of one another.

Here is what I have learned: Give those around you the benefit of the doubt and some time. It won't be easy at first being comfortable with the uncomfortable, but it will be worth it!



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