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Live & Die by your Intuition

How many times have you said to yourself, "I knew that was going to happen - I just didn't say anything!". Then, you quickly ask "why didn't I do anything about it?".


More likely than not, you did do something about "it" but never realized it at the time. At least, those of you who are able to connect with others at an emotional level. A close mentor of mine said "the difference between those who do and those who don't are those who do". Admittedly, it sounds odd and, at best, sounds like a quote taken from a self-help book. The more I think about this quote, the more I believe it to be true regardless of how it was formed.

Said another way, those who trust their intuition and act upon it will come out ahead in nearly any environment. It is one thing to "feel" and "believe" something but entirely another to act on it. Intuition is a very 'human' instinct and can be considered a 6th sense - trust it - it is often right. In fact, I can recall far more times that my own intuition is right as compared to it being wrong. This goes for relationships (both personal and work), family and general life circumstances.

Think about how many times a day your intuition comes into play each day and how many times your intuition is the factor that influences if you live or die. Driving into work or school - you avoid accidents nearly every minute by using your intuition - basically guessing the actions of a nearside driver. The exact same applies to nearly every situation in your life. The only difference is you come out alive in some of the situations (relationships/work) and in others, you die (car accident where you didn't trust your intuition). You cannot programmatically account for intuition in the truest sense, it is physiologically impossible which is why human will always have an advantage over artificial intelligence. Albeit, philosophical, it simply is not currently possible to account for intuition in a synthetic manner - the world as we know it is over if this ever does become possible and proven.

If you're thinking this is "dark", you're right it is but it is also the truth. We have countless examples proving life and death is often decided by ones ability to trust their intuition.

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