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A Curious Mind and Short Attention Span

Need an ice breaker for a mid-day meeting? Perhaps, you like to learn new things. In a lot of cases, some of us have a curious mind and a short attention span. Even if you don't have either, I highly recommend listening to Mike Rowe's podcast, "The Way I Heard It". You know, the funny guy from Dirty Jobs. Many of us never finish podcasts because they are too long and sometimes, fail to grab your attention. With this podcast, you will be able to scratch your curiosity 'itch' without losing your attention span.

Almost immediately, Mike has you engaged, listening intently to the 5-8 minute podcast on a broad range of topics you would never think to learn about. As Mike says, this podcast is "[...]a series of short mysteries". You will find that the delivery is the best part of the podcasts - well thought out, detailed arrangements with carefully crafted messages that leave you longing for more.

I want to highlight Mike Rowe's effort to educate lawmakers and the common people about skilled jobs that go unseen and unwanted. His states his goal is to help people find their passion - the best part is Mike is putting his money where his mouth is. There are numerous examples but the most persuasive for me is his non-profit, "Mike Rowe Works Foundation" helping people "[...] get trained for skilled jobs that actually exist". Many of these skilled trades go unfilled each year to which Mike responded with a scholarship called the "Work Ethic Scholarship Program". Mike gives a voice to trade workers who have lost their 'voice' due to misconceptions - many of us don't even consider these MILLIONS of jobs for terrible reasons. Let's face it, in the not so distant future, skilled trades will be the hottest industry in America - take some time to learn about this topic and help those around you find their passion.

His intentions are genuine and his impact is real, Mike Rowe is a changing example of the change we can contribute to in America. Give the podcast a listen and checkout his non-profit.

Let us know what you think!

PS. I encourage you to check out Mike's Blog

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