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Build a Winning Team with an Emphasis on Body Language & Consequences

11 National Championships later, beginning in 1985, a new era of coaching was born when this coach was hired to bring a basketball program to new heights. Many, many teams members later, the value of "team" has never been more clear. There are many great women basketball players across the country that are tremendous athletes but far fewer who bring the athleticism to the table coupled with the passion for the sport, passion for life and a general willingness to do whatever it takes in the best interest of the team - not the number of points scored on an individual basis.

Being happy and having a deep desire to love life is the difference between a good team and a great team. The great University of Connecticut (UCONN) Women's basketball coach, Geno Ariemma, reminds us of the reasons why there is no "I" in team and the importance of body language and consequences. This press conference with Geno shows us a man of conviction and provides a lens into what it takes to have a winning team. Recruiting enthusiastic kids is not easy (even in the business world). Finding the special team mates with a fire in their belly is not easy - body language says a lot about the way in which a team members feels about self vs team.

This short video is a great reminder of the discipline required to be a world class team - basketball or otherwise. For every action there should be a consequence - some good, some not. We achieve the greatest success together, not on our own.

Be humble. Be grateful. Be a team player. Most importantly, LOVE LIFE and GET IN THE GAME!



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Love Life, Be an Optimist, Dream, Take Ownership

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