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The Imperfect, Happy Life

Being happy doesn't mean everything in life has to be "perfect". In fact, life is "imperfect". Being 'happy' does mean you've decided to look beyond the many imperfections encountered on a daily basis. Happiness is everywhere if we search for it but little searching is required to find all of the negative. The local news station is anything but optimistic which makes it difficult to be anything other than depressed.

A close, well-respected, mentor made a profound comment that sticks with me to this day. Whoever is trying to bring you down, for any reason, is a bully - this is someone who is already below you and not worth the attention or energy. Redirect the energy towards those who provide unwavering support, love and respect.

Always be yourself. Always. Personalities, behaviors and values are primarily a product of the environment and the experiences endured throughout life. Being yourself is a lot less stressful than being someone you are not and, most importantly, can create happiness for someone else, allowing others to learn from your experiences and behaviors. Do away with (or learn from) the negative and cherish the positive. It is impossible to be happy trying to be someone or something you are not.

Live life as if the glass were half full and make those around you feel the same - you will create the most imperfect, happy life for yourself and others.


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Love Life, Be an Optimist, Dream, Take Ownership

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