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What you don't know about People who are Left-Handed

There are people who are right handed, then there are those who are left handed. We know plenty about the people that are right-handed - the world is easy - one less worry to deal with. Although there is a strong correlation between hand dominance and the side of the brain someone is more likely to use, many of us have wondered what some of the differences are between left & right-hand dominate people. More importantly, we would like to better understand what characteristics separate the two. Science reminds us that left-handed people always smudge their paper, getting ink all over the place but there is more to it than that!

It is surprising to know that left-handed people are:

  • More Intelligent

  • Make Less Money on Average

  • Afraid of Animals

  • Rarely Depressed

  • More Desirable to other Left-Handed people

  • Less Likely to Break the Law

Pretty interesting, huh? I know I would certainly be impressed...

.....................April Fools!.....................

Now, share with your left-handed (and right-handed) friends!





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