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Get Rid of Negativity Once and for All

We don't have to look far to look for the negativity, forcing us into a bad vicious cycle that rarely helps in any way. Open the newspaper, navigate to, or even a conversation with a coworker - you're bound to fall into the negativity trap which often results in less than desirable outcomes; maybe even a close friendship or two. The truth is, positivity exists everywhere, everyday. We could spend our time seeking out positivity which would prove valuable for most of us. However, I will make a case that avoiding negativity all together will result in more positivity in your life without ever even looking for it.

Negativity is a choice and, ultimately, an emotion. Many of us have learned by now that acting on emotion is counterproductive and leads us down paths we wouldn't otherwise go down. So what do we do? If it is all around us no matter where we look, shouldn't we all just be cynical? Sure, that is an option but it doesn't need to be the only option. Besides, who wants to be a scrooge for the rest of their life? [I suppose we all know one or two who will always be a scrooge - use that as an example of what NOT to be.]

This advice is based on my own experiences and will only work if you make a concerted effort to get rid of negativity once and for all. Take the offensive position and consider the following techniques - you might find it has a profound positive impact on those around you as well.

  1. Actively seek to find the positive in even the most negative of situations - it's there you just have to look for it.

  2. Make a list of behaviors, comments and other 'things' that bring you down - avoid those situations at all costs.

  3. Avoid hanging out out with 'friends' who genuinely don't make you feel good about yourself - they are friends - you should look forward to their presence!

  4. Train yourself to smile even when times feel tense - mind over mater - head is held up high and confidence fills the room without being arrogant.

  5. Listen to your favorite music and write-down why it's your favorite. This will be a list you reference at a later point in time when you are looking for more inspiration in your life.

  6. Stop watching the news and believing everything you read in the newspaper - these modes of communication are meant to introduce drama into our life so avoid them - it's only negative!

  7. Accept that "shit happens" and often times it is out of our control. Take these times as a life challenge and accept the way in which you deal with the situation is truly the important part.

  8. Be Happy! Whatever it takes, be happy. If this means getting a bouncy house for your backyard, then so be it - DO IT!

Learn about yourself (and others) and know what makes you happy and conversely know what makes you unhappy. Finding the positive in your life will become much more clear just by taking steps to get rid of the negative. We only get to live in this life once (that I know of). Live it up, be happy, spread positivity - the world will be a better place for it.

Dream on!


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