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Life Changed in an Instant!

NOTE: Thank you all for your patience during my absence - there are at least 30 of you who sent me well-wishes and for that we thank you!

Early on April 20th, our baby girl, Gwen took her first breathe of air in the "real-world".

That one breath has changed my life for the better and has truly made me the man & husband I always wanted to be (I think my wife would say the same about her emotions). I have grown up with pets my entire life (particularly, Dogs) and we even have two of our own now - we love them very much - up until April 20th, we thought there was no love greater than what we already knew.

I was wrong on so many things. For starters, I didn't quite believe people (skeptical at best) who said bringing a child into the world is the single best event that can happen to someone. Sure, I knew it was possible but...ME?! Nahhhhh. Boy, was I WRONG! Wayyy wrong. Seeing Gwen for the first time brought a rush of happiness and pure bliss upon me (and I am sure, my wife). This is emotion that cannot be described and can only be felt to understand the euphoria and pure love a child brings to a new parent. Before this moment, I thought I would write about what I felt for others to live the experience but I soon learned that this would be an impossible feat, at least to do the experience justice.

I am not going to belabor the point but the love my wife and I have for this child is unparalleled, making everything else seemingly less significant. This was a moment that we will forever cherish - this one moment changed our lives forever - filling it with love, happiness and a strong desire to change the world for the better, providing our future generations with the best possible life.

There is an important part of this post I must point out that added to my amazement as these events unfolded. My wife is absolutely, AMAZING.

Bearing a child for 9 months is no easy feat - one does not need to be a women to know this. Giving birth to a 7 + pound baby is no easy feat either. Maintaining a positive attitude during the entire experience (including after) is a damn near impossible. In my amazement, my wife accomplished each one of these feats without a single regret and having a positive attitude the entire time. I must say, witnessing such a strong women go through this experience has present a new level of beauty I never knew existed. For example, laboring for long stretches of time cannot be easy and it is not. To "own it" at such a moment is very inspiring and should be recognized for the sacrifices the moms and wives make.

For those expecting parents out there - LEAN INTO IT! There is no doubt, every good experience in life brings happiness, sadness and many other emotions but this is in a league of it's own. This is an amazing time and a time that will change your life. If it doesn't, then I am not quite sure what to say because at this point that thought is not comprehendible based on what I experienced.



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