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"Reserve Failure for Tomorrow"

A quote I heard today (see title) got me thinking. Inaction, often times, is far more harmful than action regardless of the outcome. Remember that doing nothing can guarantee you a ticket on the failure-train - certainly not the success-train. The fear of the unknown can be crippling at times, causing a lack of action - this is understandable as it is a human tendency. However, it is important for us to live in the moment and realize when we aren't doing what needs to be done to be 'successful'. I should mention that everyone has their own definition of "success" but in this context, it doesn't particularly matter because the goal is to avoid failure.

Something to ponder: In the absence of "success", do we "fail"? I don't think so. The answer is somewhere in the middle. In my experience failure only exists if you let it. Besides, isn't "failure" arbitrary and subjective?

Failure is all what you make of it and what you do with it to ensure success. One way to overcome failure is to condition your mind to only recognize incremental success. Failure is never an outcome but something reserved for tomorrow anytime failure is looking you in the face. Failure creates unnecessary fear much of the time - remind yourself that it is an artificial fear and failure is not something you will accept today.

The next time you get the urge to give up, remember that you will not allow failure to happen today - it will be deferred to tomorrow. By the next day, it will be too late to accept failure because you will have likely overcome the uncertainty and persevered. Push failure off each and everyday with a genuine desire to succeed, incrementally. This mindset and attitude will pay dividends for years to come - that's a promise!



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